Happy Birthday


Over the last eight years there have been countless stories. But, mostly you tell me the same stories over and over again. And sometimes you get so enthralled with the details you forget the bigger story entirely. Secretly, these moments are my favorite. And then there was the time I finally gathered the courage to get a tattoo. And you left halfway through to get pizza. Really, I just need to know one thing. How are you always right? No matter what we are talking about, by the end of the conversation you are right. How does that happen? And you seem to constantly be pushing me into fires I didn’t ask for. And then I’ve landed in the arena again. But it works. Because you are also fighting in your own arenas, leading by example. #CourageOverComfort.


Nobody could have predicted our story; I think everyone could agree on that. You know me better than anybody else. Including myself. #DontJudgeACookieByItsSpots And you are always a phone call away, no matter the hundreds of miles that separate us at times. You have taught me what family really looks like. And I know that regardless of the fires you push me in to, you are always there to hold space when I’m falling apart and remind me to keep going when I need a push in the right direction.  Not to mention you continue to connect me to new tribe members. Probably because you know I couldn’t do it alone. You just show up at my door with one of the best humans in the world and my heart explodes with happiness before I know what’s happening. Whatever happens in the years to come, please don’t stop changing the world with your purple fire.


Some days it feels like a fight for us to connect. There have been countless phone calls where the entire conversation has been spent saying things like “can you hear me?” and “you sound like an alien.” And there are days it feels like you are fighting every word I say. And then you argue with me about arguing. Most days we are fighting monsters together; us against the world. You fight harder than anyone else I know for the things you love. Always reminding everyone around you how much they matter. But, every day you are fighting for me. At times, literally. Even when I am doing my best to run you are always there. And you remind me to fight for myself. Pushing me to stay in the arena and walk through fire.  And I hope you know I will always be fighting for you, too.


From Miami to Maine and Seattle to London we have had some incredible adventures. Road trips through Asheville, Portland, Boston, NYC and Niagara Falls. Plane rides across the country and across the pond. Growing through chocolate pasta, spicy fudge and holy donuts on the way to world peace. But, my favorites are probably the adventures closer to home. The late night trips for YoMo. Vegan Pad Thai and episodes of Parenthood. Early morning treks to the barn. Dance parties in the kitchen to Christmas music in July. First Fridays, movies at the SLC, farmers markets, wolf sanctuaries and raptor centers. And, most recently, unforgettable moments exploring the coast of Northern Ireland. Wandering through Christmas markets, the zoo, and movie marathons in onesies with the greatest people on earth. Oh, what a life.

Over And Out,

(Also would like to send a big thank you to Rachel for the first two pictures above and the featured image for this post!)


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