Procrastination – it’s a funny word isn’t it? It’s also a word I seem to be far too familiar with for my own liking, even now on a Sunday evening I appear to be caught in the trap again trying to finish things due on Monday. There are a thousand and one articles available with a simple search on Google just waiting to give you their own ‘top tips’ on how to eliminate procrastination. They make it seem so simple or at least give you stellar advice like ‘Get a grip and just do it’ (gee thanks). Don’t get me wrong – I am not a fan of myself for procrastinating so much, half the time I get stressed out way before a deadline in anticipation of the fact that I know I’ll be procrastinating – it’s a vicious cycle. Sometimes my constant distractions can be a help, the pressure of a deadline looming forcing my brain to come up with ideas that often seem far better than I would have dreamed of earlier in the project. There have even been studies that claim procrastination makes a person more creative and innovative. I just can never seem to find that happy medium which allows time for the ‘creative’ time-wasting without leaving me in the dark pit of despair when I realise I have two days to submit something that will not end up fulfilling my full potential. Even with the most meticulous planning (I’m a hardcore list-maker) I find myself wanting to break free from my list and do something completely unplanned which then wastes time I can’t afford to lose. It seems I have yet to find the one thing I’m so passionate about that I never feel the need to procrastinate – though maybe that’s just wishful thinking. I still don’t have an answer – but I’m working on it…

Further (and scarily accurate) reading: Check this out!

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