A Rant About Ants.

I am an “animal person”. A self-proclaimed crazy-dog-lady. [Exhibit A: I own 3 dogs and drive a minivan to transport said dogs]. But I don’t just love dogs; I love all animals. Well, almost. I have personally owned a variety of pets; from your typical dogs and cats all the way to geckos and sugar gliders. But there is one animal I have yet to find a way to appreciate: ants. [More specifically, fire ants. Those aggressive little red ones that seem to build colonies within minutes and somehow work even faster when it rains. Who works faster in the rain? What kind of superpower is this?] For every mound I treat, five more are built within hours. I admire their resilience and work ethic, but does it have to be utilized for projects that take over my yard? And they aren’t exactly easy to live with. Once they have worked diligently to build their homes, they are extremely protective and will aggressively defend their masterpieces. There is no compromising with these fierce little guys. Final side note: I find it slightly intimidating that such a tiny being has so much power. This seems to give them an unfair advantage.

Over and Out,


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