Drawing in the Third Dimension

So recently I walked into work as I would any other day to be instantly stopped by an excited colleague telling me I should try this out. ‘This’ turned out to be some high-tech wizardry brought into our offices by the brain-boggling humans at Truvision VR, a firm that applies the technology of virtual reality to the world of construction and architecture. From what my mere muggle brain can understand, by using several sensors, a headset and a couple of controllers your movement is mapped so that you can interact with a virtual three-dimensional space. I will admit, up until now I had always seen VR as more of a novelty and had failed to see its real world applications but it didn’t take long to see just how useful this bit of tech could be. Truvision uses it to let clients and prospective buyers view new buildings before they are even built, with virtual walkthroughs of new homes or offices that can be explored by the user. As a designer I was let loose on some of the more playful features of virtual reality, in this case drawing in 3D! While I realise I must have looked like a right idiot wandering around office waving my hands around wildly it was a lot of fun to experience! Below is a quick GIF showing some of my scribbles as I saw them – it felt pretty crazy to literally be able to physically walk around the lines you had drawn.



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