You’re Ovary-Acting…

To hell with society, I’m going to rant about this shit. Period.

Women are bad-ass. You’ll rarely see them complain in public and instead just pop some paracetamol and power on. Yes it’s a pain in the uterus every dang month but they keep going. I find it fascinating that the subject is such a taboo, even amongst women. We all keep quiet and deal with it as we’ve been taught to.

I am well practiced at this. I know that the next few days at work are going to be a nightmare because I will have half the amount of sleep I usually do, feel like someone is punching my stomach from the inside every thirty seconds and still be trying to get my work done as usual (while of course trying to look like I’m totally fine). The next few days will consist of me trying to keep my mouth shut because I know I’ll get easily frustrated and irritated. They will consist of multiple hot water bottles and chocolate. After ten years I’ve figured this all out. I once had to go and get some pain-killers from the nurses at the summer camp I worked at. When I told my male counsellor he asked ‘Is everything ok?’ – I replied ‘Yeah, just got some bad stomach cramps’ I was literally met with an awkward blank face and an ‘Oh.’ It doesn’t have to be so awkward. You have a headache? You take some paracetamol. Stomach cramps? Same thing. My favourite thing is that moment of understanding with a friend and you immediately buy copious quantities of take-out and trade pain killers over a cringe-inducing movie on Netflix. So while I can accept what the next few days will bring, it doesn’t mean I don’t feel like ranting about it.

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