Let’s talk about turtles.

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Turtles have superhero status in my world. One of my life goals will always be to become more like a turtle. Just the simple fact that they always have their home with them gives them a superpower; at least according to this introvert. They are seriously #LivinTheDream.

I cannot begin to imagine the amazing-ness of going places while always being able to retreat into my home at a moment’s notice. Either due to predators approaching or just being exhausted and needing to rest. Because while I love people (people watching is one of my favorite hobbies and I find myself consistently fascinated by people’s stories), as an introvert I can quickly find myself out of energy and needing space and time to recharge. Having my shell with me at all times would be a perfect solution. Perhaps this is one of the many explanations for my love of backpacking. (Although, perchance part of the magic of love is that it doesn’t always have an explanation?)

“Try to be like a turtle – at ease in your own shell.” – Bill Copeland

With a shell as their constant companion, turtles have the added superpower of having a hard exterior while maintaining a softness on the inside. The ability to approach the world as a fighter; prepared for battle, fueled by the softer parts of life found in kindness and compassion, among other places. Holding space for the more delicate pieces of life while being strong and persistent in the fight. Not to mention turtles go through life without lots of noise (they lack vocal chords!) and have much stronger vision than hearing (which for them is a process of gathering vibrations). I have an immense love of music, so not having a strong sense of hearing would mean losing some of the magic in life. However, having more quiet time doesn’t sound like the worst option.

“You so totally rock.” – Crush, Finding Nemo

Finally, we can’t forget that turtles remind us to take life a little slower; it’s the steps we take that matter most – not the speed at which we take them. While speed varies between types of turtles, they all move at their own pace. And for semi-aquatic turtles (for example, my favorite Red Eared Slider), they have also mastered balance. Spending time diving deep into the water while also stopping to bask in the sun when needed.

How could they not be superheroes?

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