Time Goes By.

Forever moving forward; an invisible measurement for the years that create our life. Years, days, hours, minutes, seconds, seasons, moments, eras, months… the options are endless. Yet, it’s a concept I find myself constantly struggling to balance. Present for every moment of every day, but not always noticed. Sometimes it seems as though I need extra hours in the day to get things accomplished; never ending to-do lists with time flying by and passing over moments in warp speed. It doesn’t matter how fast I move, how organized my lists are, or how smoothly things go. There simply are not enough minutes to account for the space I need to find. Or those prized moments where you have the opportunity to sink into life with your best friends. And, as quickly as the adventures began they are over; almost like the seconds are passing by in double-time. And then there are the moments in life when it feels like every second is an hour and nothing I can find to occupy my thoughts will push time forward. Most days it appears to be just out of reach; the magic of moments that we sink into and stay present, almost unaware of the pace at which life is moving and instead completely enthralled with life itself. But now and again I stumble across these moments in the most unexpected places.

Both precious and fleeting, I never can decide quite how I feel about this concept. While I want to value every ounce I’m given, there are days when I can only wish for the seconds to pass by faster until I reach my next adventure. But that’s no way to expend the moments we are given; so I go back to focusing on making the most of every moment. Until I decide living moment to moment only leads my life into a maze. And I’m again reminded to climb above the obstacles and find the way to the next big adventure. A constant cycle of sinking into the moments of now so that time doesn’t slip through my fingers while keeping my feet facing forward; focused on all the possibilities of things to fill the minutes, hours and days I will be sinking into in the years ahead. If only there was an easier way to keep the balance. #MeasureLifeInLove

Over and Out,


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