Measure Your Life In Love

Share Love. Give Love. Spread Love. 

I am filled with love for this incredible show that after a long ten years I have finally got to see. RENT is a classic, even those without much care for the world of musical theatre will often recognise ‘Seasons Of Love’ – even if they don’t know its origins. The 20th Anniversary Tour has been busy opening up the life-affirming magic of Johnathan Larson’s RENT across the UK and USA. 

This stellar cast goes from strength to strength throughout the show, every number raises the bar higher – think they couldn’t top that song? You’ll have goosebumps within the first thirty seconds of the next. The clever set and staging adapts to each number with elements transforming from phone booths to hospital beds alongside more subtle changes throughout. I only wish they could have recorded some of those vocals live as some of the actors commanded the stage with rich voices and some incredible high notes. My cast soundtrack on my iPod will never sound the same again. 

My only hope is that I can catch this show again before the tour finishes – to try and experience the magic and celebration of life that is the outstanding musical of RENT. 


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