I Quit.

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I am a big believer in fighting for what matters. Fighting for the important things in life; whatever it is that sets your soul on fire. But, there are times when we find ourselves in the wrong battles. It doesn’t really matter how we ended up there; we can suddenly (or not so suddenly) become aware that we are either in the wrong place or fighting for the wrong thing. And instead of fighting to take steps towards filling our space and finding our truth we are walking in the wrong direction. It’s in these moments we have to decide to walk away; to stop placing our energy in the wrong space. But this seems to be one of the hardest things for me to do. As if it is a requirement that I finish every battle I begin. As if walking away is automatic failure. Maybe it is; but maybe the failure is a stepping stone on the path to where I need to be. And if that is true, is it really a failure after all? Is a failure really such a horrible thing to happen; and just what exactly is failure anyways?

Walking away can be scary for many reasons. Just because we know we are in the wrong place doesn’t mean we know what the right place is. And as someone who likes plans and details, the idea of finding myself stuck in between the wrong place and the not-yet-right place seems like torture. There is also the possibility that we do know what the right thing is; the thing that we want to fight for. But fear is staring us down – like the monster standing in the door way. Screaming about all the reasons it won’t work. And in many ways it would be easier to just keep fighting our current battle, but we would never find the magic that shows up when we walk towards our truth.

Some people won’t understand why we walk away. Other people will assume we were defeated due to lack of strength or skill. But it’s not our job to convince them otherwise; it’s simply our task to continue walking towards our truth one step at a time. And if nobody understands – even if we don’t understand the journey at times – I think that’s allowed. And normal. That’s part of the magic. That’s part of trusting your gut and following your heart. #PracticeRecklessOptimism It’s not all about logic; it’s about what sets your soul on fire. Not knowing the five year plan, but trusting that the thing you were fighting for wasn’t meant for you. So instead we choose to walk away to make room for the time and energy to fight for the things that are meant for us. #LetItMatter

Fighting for things not meant for us often leads down a dead end road filled with frustration and confusion. Sort of like trying to find a fish among the clouds. Or searching for an adult in Neverland. It’s just the wrong place. Not that there is anything wrong with grown ups (or fish, although this seems less important to clarify) – they just won’t be found in Neverland. And it isn’t about how much effort you put into the search, or how much skill you have in searching; adults simply aren’t there to be found.  Which means we must either search somewhere different or change what we are searching for.

Instead, we can give ourselves permission to quit. To walk away from the things not meant for us; leave the battles we aren’t required to fight. Rather, we can spend our time and energy filling the space meant for us. Growing into our shoes so we can walk into the world; carrying our magic all the way home. And maybe the shoes are a little big right now; or maybe we aren’t sure how to put them on. (Side note: It’s always good to carry a first aid kit, just in case of any blisters along the way. And towels are important, too. And stickers. Because those are always nice.) But the only way we can know is to start; and we can’t begin fighting for what matters until we quit fighting the wrong battles.

Over and Out – #DropTheSelfDoubt


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