I’m A Realist And An Optimist But I Swear To You, I’m Not Getting Over This (Concert!)

State Champs are a pop-punk band from Albany, New York. I’ve been aware of their music for a while but have always managed to miss them – mainly by being in the wrong countries at the wrong time! After a tip-off from a work colleague I finally saw them last Saturday in Manchester, UK and I was not disappointed!

As someone whose main introduction to live music was through large music festivals I have found myself growing tired of standing at a stage for hours on end. Not only do the crowds tend to overwhelm me at times but I just generally don’t find it as fun when my feet are getting sore! The Ritz was a pleasant surprise – there were plenty of open spaces around the edge of this fairly small venue that allowed breathing room while still giving you a fantastic view.

State Champs had a simple set up with a massive impact – the crowd fed off the energy of the band and seemingly vice versa as we all sang (or shouted?) along to the infectious pop-punk that poured out from the stage. With a relatively short set of just under an hour I left wanting more – exactly how I want to feel after a show rather than feeling like a band has just gone on for hours. From crowd pleasers like Secrets and All You Are Is History to a couple of acoustic songs, this varied set was exactly what I didn’t know I wanted from this gig. Thank you State Champs – I will not be getting over this.



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