I decided to cross a sea, to spend a summer away in the trees

A big kid looking after kids in the midst of a beautiful space, my favourite place

Where the whole world can stand still, at a single clearing at the top of a hill

Then several months later after first crossing the pond, I found myself back at the place where I feel like I belong

To a summer filled with bigger, bolder and brighter new things, I welcomed what a brand new adventure could bring

And once again back in those woods, by the fire in that clearing singing oh how lovely is the evening

I found myself wishing that summer never ends, so I can stay with that family, that feeling, my friends

In a few short months I’ll find myself down that long dirt road, once again to a home that lightens my load

And that one special night, by a fire on a hill, I’ll rediscover that time indeed can stand still

My own personal gravity is centred right here and it keeps pulling me back year after year




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