Saltwater and sand.

Choosing a life of adventure can be exhausting; both mentally and physically. Saying yes to new adventures means saying yes to diving deep into life; sinking in to all the magic life can offer. But saying yes also requires that we have a space to rest; a space to recharge after the adventure. To sink into the quiet rumble that takes place on the inside; the heart work // the subtle shifting that continues occurring deep in your soul long after the journey has ended. And this requires finding a safe space stilled enough to hear the whispers yet big enough for all the feelings to have their own time and space.

Nothing creates this shelter for my soul quite like the beach. Especially early in the morning; quiet with only a few other wandering souls. Watching the sun come up over the waves and the tiny grains of sand; spreading light out into the world and deep into my soul. I could sink into those moments forever; and they always help me recharge when feeling weary or lost or broken. The beach is my refuge for when I can’t hear my heart; or, when I can hear my heart but I can’t find the words to answer. When the world around me is too loud and too busy to make space for the feelings my heart needs to just feel, not fix or change or understand, just time and space to sit with. Not asking questions; simply listening. The place where I can remember to trust. And believe. And hope. And love. #DropTheSelfDoubt

Having lived in Florida for six years (#AlwaysBleedGarnetAndGold), I certainly found my most favorite spots to run to when I was feeling small. The ones that I could recognize almost as well as my own home; certainly a home of sorts for my soul. My favorite state park to sit and watch the dolphins; the best public access point to lets the dogs run with unbridled joy through the waves and the sand. (Nothing beats seeing the light in the eyes of puppies who have just discovered we are back in their own little heaven; space to run until your feet cannot carry you any further and water to dive in when you need a quick cool down. It’s a guaranteed smile for any beach bum canine and their human companions.) These were routines that were as familiar to my soul as an old friend. But, as time continues passing I realize the magic wasn’t there just in those specific places. I think the magic is actually hidden in the landscape. In the steady rhythm of the waves crashing against the sand; in the warmth of the sun, surrounded by the rays of light brightening every corner of this world seemingly all its own. In the smell of saltwater that will always carry me home.

The environment is overflowing with reminders that a life of adventure also requires rest; requires diving deep into your soul as well as swimming through the world around you. And the waves carry reminders of how important your tribe members are; especially in the moments when we find ourselves in deeper water than we realized. Our feet wiped out from beneath us. Or drowning in rough waters without warning. I like to think of these moments as the riptides or the red-flag reminders. The currents that take you by surprise when you sink deep into the waves of life. And it’s these moments that require us to have a flotation device in addition to our own strength; and ideally, a lifeguard on the shore. Watching out for us; there to help when our own strength isn’t enough to carry us back in. That’s what the tribe members are for; the reason we need to do life together. They are our lifeguards; one of the million reasons to choose love and connection over doing life alone. #JustKeepSwimming

The ocean also gives us a reminder that even when things seem to be steady and calm from the shore, there is a world full of unseen magic if you just allow yourself to sink in past the fear. Swimming to the bottom of the sea; saying yes to leaving the shore for new adventures. And, last but not least, a walk along the edge of the water usually results in uncovering an endless variety of shells. All shaped and molded by the waves. In the same way that adventures mold who we are; the waves are where we discover our magic. And that is the very thing which gives us the ability to send waves out into our universe; changing the world with one small ripple effect at a time.
Over And Out,


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