Time to Tidy

A rant to myself: I suck at being tidy.

I’d like to say I’m a well organised person. Unfortunately I’ll admit I think this is only partly true. I’m an organiser – I make lists and plans. I don’t like to be late and I always make a packing list before going away. Somehow the once thing I’ve never managed to figure out is keeping my surroundings tidy. I love being in a clean space and yet I’m the first to dump my bags everywhere when I get home from work. Ultimately I think I’m just lazy (scratch that – I know I’m lazy!) – Only when someone threatens to visit my humble abode do I turn into a crazed cleaning tornado sweeping through my apartment at record speed to fool the unsuspecting visitor into thinking I have my s*** together. Oddly when I’ve lived with other people or in general been in shared spaces I’m super neat. I get annoyed when people leave things in the sink and often clean up other people’s messes and yet I’m ashamed to admit there is definitely a pile of dirty dishes waiting for me to finish this post so I’ll go wash up. I sit writing this cringing at the state of my apartment and yet I’m still procrastinating – How can I care about being tidy and not care enough to tidy up at the same time? I don’t understand myself.

I should really go and clean up…


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