One foot in front of the other.

Disclaimer: This post is short and sweet; and I am well aware that the following depiction of small frustrations is quite minor considering all of the fights people around the world are forced to battle with daily; however, life is all about perspective. And from my corner of the universe, the last week has felt more like a tornado than anything else and I have spent most of my energy fighting through the chaos one step at a time.

Change always includes at least a small amount of chaos. And I’m not a big fan of either one; but through a series of small – and drastic – decisions over the last three months I have found myself approaching several new exciting adventures at once. Which means for now, I’m in the midst of a hurricane. Chaos everywhere I look. I felt behind before I even started the week; knowing there were so many things to do that would not fit into the allotted hours of each day. But, there is only one way forward; not over or under or around; fighting through. And so, I began the week by ensuring my dogs were out of the way for a home inspection. Loading them into the van and driving to a nearby state park. Thinking a short hike in the woods would give everyone a chance to experience the fresh air and take some deep breaths. However, turns out this idea would lead to the closest experience of a literal fight this week. Trying to hike through the woods with three somewhat large dogs is quite an adventure. And rather than my mind drifting off amid the trees as usual, I was instead fighting with every step. One dog dragging behind, one dog forging ahead, tangled leashes, distracted dogs, avoiding mud puddles and ensuring we didn’t create roadblocks for any other hikers along the path. Thankfully we made it back to the van without any incidents; all exhausted.

The rest of my week has been spent sifting through a seemingly never-ending list of emails to reply to; bills to pay; questions to answer; lists of chores to complete and lists of lists to make to prepare for the big steps ahead. All while working extra hours to ensure all of the dogs on “vacation” are well taken care of during some of the busiest days of the season. And I love my job (who doesn’t love playing with puppies?!), but I can’t help but dream about all the things I could have done with the overtime hours. Although, I’m sure my dreams contain superhero-level productivity expectations rather than the reality. And life will go on with all the things left undone at the end of the week; nothing life or death.

But until then, I’ll keep fighting to stay on top of things. One step at a time. One hour at a time. Doing all that I can and letting go of the things simply adding weight to the load without any value. Thankfully, after the to-do list is managed and I climb into my bed at night I have three of the best dogs in the world waiting for extra snuggles to account for the lack of playtime. And we drift off to sleep before starting into the chaos again tomorrow; fighting to keep moving forward one step at a time. Choosing courage over comfort. Refusing to walk away from the exciting new adventures coming soon. Thankful to have so many opportunities on the horizon; all reminders for me not to lose my perspective when things seem overwhelming. Soon, all the chaos will be over and all the changes will have happened. And all of the new adventures will be underway; a crazy wonderful thought to hold on to. After all, I feel crazy lucky just to be here, walking my path, #RedFeatherTribe and all; one to-do list item at a time.

Over and Out,


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