The Big Day Out

As someone who loves to travel I often forget just how much of UK is still unknown territory to me. The fact that I am more acclimatised to an American accent than that of a Northerner says a lot I think! Last weekend’s adventure was a work family outing to Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach, an amusement park which I had heard of but never set foot in until Saturday. Blackpool is a place that somehow (up until now) had appeared in my head as an old-timey (sepia-toned) Great British seaside destination. Around an hour away from my current residence in Manchester I’m not sure what I was expecting but with the weather bright and an epic road trip playlist created (If I do say so myself!) I was ready for some fun in the sun! As a self-confessed rollercoaster un-enthusiast I am always wary of theme parks as I often don’t end up having the best of times but our tour guide for the day (one of my good friends) instantly took us on the Wallace & Gromit Thrill-O-Matic ride and any fears fell away. Full of family friendly rides (as well as those for the more daring thrill seeker) Pleasure Beach did not disappoint.

Rides completed: Wallace & Gromit’s Thrill-O-Matic, Derby Racer, Avatar Airbender, Valhalla (Which well lived up to its ‘You May Get Soaked’ warning – Good thing we brought an entire change of clothes!), Steeplechase, The Big One (After much persuasion and having my eyes shut the entire time! – #CourageOverComfort)

Rides that I graciously refused: Ice Blast, Big Dipper

Days like these remind me that sometimes it only takes a single day to brighten up a bad sky. My heart feels lighter – thank you Blackpool for for the little day out that could.


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