I Am Moana

Oh Moana. Just when I thought nothing could top Tangled (in the post-Pixar universe anyway) this wonderful beacon of light and light craziness came along and blew the other competition out of the water (I mean Moana is besties with the ocean and all that). I’m sure I could go on for hours including a full shower-sing-along version of the soundtrack about how much I loved this film but I’ll try and keep it concise.

First of all, before I continue I implore you to see this marvellous piece of Disney magic if you have not already…


From the clever lyrics and some seemingly impossible at times animation (massive kudos to anyone who has the patience to be an animator) to the maybe smaller but definitely not less significant things to take note of (like Moana having a far more realistic body type) – this movie was magic to me. The resolution of the film particularly stuck with me, no defeat of a ‘villain’ per se and yet an understanding that sometimes we’re misunderstood and a little love and heart goes a long way to restoring peace. I love that the girl power is super strong and even a demi-god can take a few lessons from a supposedly simpler human, yet Maui is also not portrayed as the ‘bad guy’.

Everybody learns. Everybody loves. Everybody wins.

The film also produces some amazing quotes from “The call isn’t out there at all, it’s inside me” to “When it’s time to find home, we know the way” (I could go on for a long time here!)

“Sometimes our strengths lie beneath the surface” – Sometimes you have to dig a little bit farther than others to find those strengths (enter HeiHei) but don’t doubt their existence. Maybe it takes you a little bit longer to really realise what they are – even Moana herself needed to do a little wayfinding before kicking ass and saving the world. Sometimes it’s easier to see the strength in others before taking a look in the mirror.

See below for candid picture of my friends trying to shut me up when I attempt to sing ‘How Far I’ll Go’ for the 12,368th time.


If I go there’s just no telling how far I’ll go.


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