Music City Moments.

I have been lucky enough to live near Nashville for almost two years; while I will soon be on my way to another home for new adventures, I will never forget the memories made in and around this lovely city.  I quickly learned there wasn’t a day without a show or concert playing somewhere; always something to see or hear. Not to mention the incredible food, neighborhoods, parks and places to explore!


As luck would have it, the week I moved was my birthday. And so a friend and I spent two days in the city before I had even unpacked. Exploring the Country Music Hall of Fame, a tour of Hatch Show Print, a behind the scenes look at the Grand Ole Opry, an evening on Lower Broadway and Honky Tonk Highway – which wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Tootsie’s – and last but not least a trip to Bridgestone Arena. For one of my favorite concerts: Imagine Dragons – Smoke & Mirrors tour. It was the perfect 48-hour introduction to this beautiful city. Just a glimpse of all the magic and music to be found amongst the honky-tonks and cowboy hats – and you can’t miss the view of the Cumberland River.


Just one short month later I ventured down to East Nashville, alongside my golden retriever, for the annual Tomato Art Festival; a signature event dedicated to celebrating the tomato; “bringing together fruits and vegetables.” #AUniterNotADivider It was a fun-filled day with food trucks, parades, costumes – not to mention some great live music and the best vendors around! By the end of the day I found myself quickly falling in love with Music City and the endless opportunities for adventures.


Fast forward two months and I landed in the middle of a winter wonderland wandering amidst endless Christmas lights throughout the Opryland Resort. Given that Christmas is my favorite time of year, this was an easy #MusicCityMoment to add to my list of favorites. And right next door to the Grand Ole Opry – a place you can’t miss on any trip to Nashville.  I was thrilled to finally see a live show at this historical venue – and it was one to remember. Although, I’m sure most any night in the Grand Ole Opry house leaves people with unforgettable moments to carry back home.


Somehow, in between all of the other adventures I found, I was lucky enough to snag not one but two free pairs of tickets to see Garth Brooks. The first show was his first night playing at the Ryman Auditorium – the “Mother Church” of country music. And it was a moment I will never forget. There was magic in the air that night like none other; and I will forever consider myself a Garth Brooks fan. The show made it clear how much heart goes into every note of his music. I was also lucky enough to get tickets for his 7 Diamond Award celebration at Ascend Amphitheater just a few months later – and it was another unforgettable show. An evening to celebrate packed with even more great singers alongside some perfect weather. The magic of music city is undeniable in moments like that; a special place full of endless hidden treasures.

“The music is all around us – all you have to do is listen.”
– August Rush

While this post doesn’t begin to cover all the great places and things to do in this city (the hiking, the food, the parks and museums – the tally could go on for days!), it’s just the top of a long list of magical #MusicCityMoments I will carry with me as I keep moving forward; saying yes to new adventures. Knowing exactly where I can always come back to for more music and magic if I find myself running low.

Over and Out,



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