Moving Without Mayhem

Disclaimer: This is a ramble.

As far as I’m concerned, being an adult is a state of mind – one that I try and stay away from. So yes, I may have a full time job and yes, I have my own flat and have to pay rent and bills but I still feel like I’m in mode Teen 1.7 and am still waiting for my next personal software update to Adult 1.0. Most of the time I’d would rather go out bowling or to an arcade than go out for drinks in a stuffy bar. One thing I have noticed though now is change is much more disorderly than it was when I was a kid. You finished primary school and moved with all of your classmates to high school and the same people would be there throughout all the small steps – from getting a bank account to going to your first gig. Nowadays change seems to be constantly afoot and I certainly think about it a lot more. In the next 7 weeks I will finish my current job contract, move out, finish what seems like a bazillion side projects and complete a road trip up the east coast of the states to my summer home. The balance I find hard is between feeling excited and stressed out – and I constantly flit back and forth between the two. I like being busy but it can take five minutes to go from being pumped about all the cool things I’m doing to worrying about whether I’ll finish everything on my to-do list and what happens if I don’t. Instead I try as hard as I can to process this as a fun journey rather than a single moment of stress – tomorrow will be different and adventures will come and go while I continue to move forward.

So maybe one day I’ll be an adult. But as the kick-ass slayer Buffy once said: “I’m cookie dough. I’m not done baking. I’m not finished becoming who ever the hell it is I’m gonna turn out to be” – and let’s face it, cookie dough is crazy delicious so I’ll just try and enjoy it.

Don’t think there was any point to this. Don’t think there needs to be. Happy Monday.

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