Apologies in advance. This is more of a short wander than a rave. And slightly redundant from previous posts. But it seems to be the only place my brain can land amidst all of the current chaos.

I think it’s easy to forget that saying yes to new adventures can at times mean saying goodbye to old adventures.  I’ve never been great at saying goodbye. It’s as if goodbye is my brain’s cue to notice all of the wonderful things I’m going to miss about whatever it is I’m leaving. Like a magnifying glass for ordinary magic; highlighting all of the things that get lost in the space of routine, familiar moments. The pieces we might forget to celebrate all along the way. Like the quiet sunrises in the mornings before work. Watching my dogs run and play, smiling ear to ear, in the backyard. The familiar face at the grocery store; laughs with coworkers over silly antics in between the mundane moments. And I’m sure there are other times in life that serve as a magnifying glass for this magic. Any adjustment in perspective makes the magic easier to see, I think. But goodbye seems to be the strongest for me. And perhaps this is why I’m constantly saving seemingly humdrum pieces of paper or odds and ends. So that goodbye doesn’t mean forgetting; a way to carry some of the magic along as the story continues.

I usually find myself falling in love in the middle of goodbye. Seeing all the things that I have been so lucky to have as part of my everyday story. Noticing the moments that make me smile that might have otherwise been overlooked. In the past I have mistaken this falling in love as a reason to stay. But, in truth, I’m beginning to learn that loving where you are is not the same as needing to stay there. I love so many things about my current home; but I can still feel it in my bones. The feeling that this is not it; I did not come here for this. It’s time to keep moving forward. But in saying goodbye, I’m given an opportunity to honor all of the ordinary magic about this place. Knowing that the next place I call home will also have it’s own ordinary magic to be celebrated. And a reminder that we are crazy lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful moments as part of the story. Because even the most routine days have magic if we are looking closely.

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