Balance is a verb.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance you must keep moving.”
–Albert Einstein

As a seeker of adventure, the only guarantee we are given is that every day will be different. A new line to the story as long as we are moving forward. Each day brings new challenges as you move through the fight. No matter what you are fighting for or how long you have been fighting or why you are fighting. Every day is different. And as a fighter we must always be prepared; no matter what the day holds. Because as warriors, we are wired for battle but we might be unsure of what battles the day may bring.

Some days are like pineapples. The moments when you can’t remember what you are fighting for or why you even started fighting. But it doesn’t really matter. Because with so much going on, your focus level from 1-10 is pineapple. Sometimes sweet, sometimes spiky; but either way the lack of motivation for the fight isn’t an issue. Instead the focus is on the other endless tasks that life requires outside of the fight; the sidelines to the story.

Other days are more like donuts; sweet but your center is missing. You can’t remember what you are fighting for; unsure of why you started the battle in the first place. These days can leave you feeling lost and empty; like something is missing. As if you aren’t sure what comes next in the story or what the point of the current chapter was even supposed to be (Trick question; we are exactly where we are meant to be – no such thing as “supposed to be” – only perhaps a story we would have rather been telling than the one we are writing). These #DonutDays can be some of the hardest; easy for the sugar rush to come crashing down and leave us feeling exhausted.

No story would be complete without cupcakes; the days when life is sweet and full of smiles, celebrations and confetti. But these days come with less of a focus on the action; more on celebrating the good (something just as important as fighting the battles). The days that are perfect for recharging and throwing parties to celebrate how far we have come. Because some moments we do get to have our cake and eat it too. #IcingIncluded

And then there are the chicken pot pie days; when the focus is on the fight. In the beginning these days might look simple and easy; packaged in a warm, flaky crust. But once you cut beneath the surface these days require swimming through the mess to find the magic. And within the magic lies the meat of the battle; the reason for the story and the biggest arena moments in the struggle. The days when our energy is spent in the heat of the battle; fighting monsters and facing beasts head on. And somewhere in the mess and the magic we can also find some nutrition to give us strength for the days when there are less vegetables and more donuts.

But the trick is not to fight against whatever day it is we find ourselves in. The key is to hold space for each and every day along with whatever it brings to the table. To fight for the balance in the story; because every story requires donuts and cupcakes and pineapples and chicken pot pie. Celebrating the good, fighting the battles and taking care of life outside the arena. Not just one piece or another. So instead of fighting against what you find on your plate for the moment, focus on fighting to maintain balance. An act that requires holding space for each part of the story to keep moving forward.

Over and out,



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