Insert Ramble Here:

I love to swim. I have realised in recent years that I love to swim in a controlled environment, I’m sure that would sound incredibly boring to some but I find it relaxing. Something about propelling yourself through the water just feels freeing. Even if you stop for an extra breath or just because, chances are you’ll continue gliding through the water as the momentum built continues to push you through the water. It’s low impact so low on the aching muscles and you just find yourself in your own little world where you can daydream and whatnot to your heart’s content. However on the flip side I am absolutely not a fan swimming in open water – unless I’m near the edge. I can’t swim without goggles and I don’t like being in super duper deep water (like in the middle of sea – why I would be there I’m not sure). Control issues – I know. But in a nice pool with my prescription goggles (highly recommend by the way – seeing underwater in sudden high definition is rather life changing if you’re a regular swimmer), I love it. It’s the only exercise I’ve ever managed to get myself to do on a semi regular basis last year being near a pool and I’m excited to finally go for my first swim of the year today. Suddenly gravity seems to cease to exist and I pretend I’m ducking underwater to explore a ship wreck (or some other kind of Lara Croft/Tomb Raider style hidden cave) – it’s magic.

I will stop there before I really start to waffle (…mmm waffles)



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