Space around your toes.

Nothing pushes my buttons harder than people being made to believe they are not worth the space around their toes. As if some are worth more than others; as if we do not all have light to share with this world. Because nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s the thing – for anybody who needs a reminder this week: everybody is worth their space. Just because you are here. End of story – there are no extra requirements. In fact, everybody is worth way more than the space around their toes; there is always enough space for everybody to have as much as they need. And please don’t be afraid to walk away from anyone who asks you to believe otherwise.

“If you are not in the arena also getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback.” –Brené Brown

In my experience, the people pushing you to stay small and take up as little space as possible are the people in the ring side seats. (Thank you, Brené Brown and Daring Greatly, for this very important lesson.) Not the people also fighting; not the people showing up to the arena prepared for battle. Don’t let the critics on the sidelines make you doubt your strength or your worthiness. Because the people fighting know we need everybody; there is no time or need or place for anyone to feel small. Because life requires every warrior in the arena.

And, when you find the people who remind you that you are worth the space around your feet and push you to grow into more and more space with each moment of courage; those people are your tribe. The ones fighting with you. Reminding you to be brave. Reminding you that we need your story. Hold them close – hug them tight – love them hard. (Laughing together is also good. Mostly just because it’s fun. Confetti included.) #BraverTogether

Over and out,


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