Whether in books or movies or in tales of adventures past, stories seem to hold their own kind of magic. And storytellers; those people that take you on a journey with them as they share the stories from diving beneath the surface in previous years – those are the people that always seem to leave me smiling a little bit brighter. I think we’re all storytellers in our own way; but for this space I’m talking about the old souls with a history of adventures who always seem to have a knack for pulling you in and sharing their stories in ways that could make your heart burst from joy. Around the dinner table; in the car; anywhere there is space to be still long enough to sink into the story, really. Perhaps a better word would be story-sharers. Because that’s what makes it special; the sharing of the adventure.

Although I’m preparing to begin a grand new adventure far away from where I’ve called home, I’ve recently been reminded of all the adventures from closer to home – big and small – that have become a part of my story. I certainly have mixed feelings on growing up in the south, but spending the week back with my parents has reminded me of how many storytellers I find here. Maybe it’s because life seems to move a little slower when you’re by the lake. With more space for stories to come to life. I had almost forgotten how much I love listening. But I’ve found myself sinking into countless stories from wonderful souls sharing their journey with me this week, and I’m feeling crazy lucky to have a few more days to listen before I begin the next chapter of my own story.

(Don’t forget you’re allowed to rest).

Over and Out,

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