One block at a time.

Over twenty years later and I can easily say my obsession with Lego blocks hasn’t changed. And y’all, I’m not talking about the new fancy kits with all the new fangled doo-dads and what-nots. Not that those aren’t cool – those also blow my mind – but I’m talking about the classic Lego blocks. The plain and simple rectangular shapes in basic colors. I could sit and play with those for hours without losing a moment’s fascination. Each block is of course whole and complete all by itself – but stick them together and they become any number of endless creations. Allowing you to bring anything in your imagination to life. Proving that even the most complex can be broken down into simple building blocks. Created one block at a time; with patience to fill in the gaps along the way.

These tiny blocks are strong enough to stay connected even if the ground shakes. And if something comes along that happens to knock them down, they can always be re-membered. But they withstand a fair amount of pressure to be such tiny objects #SmallButMighty. Maybe that’s their secret? Small but strong; no need to be massive to have strength. And don’t even think about stepping on one – your foot will be in much worse condition than those blocks. That’s coming from years of experience. Ouch.

The infinite possibilities is probably my most favorite part – but you can’t ignore how perfectly each and every block clicks together. Maybe this is where my OCD organizing obsession began? Although each block may not be the exact same size, they can all connect with each other to support the larger structure. Another strong reminder – we don’t all have to be the same to work together. In fact, sometimes it is necessary to have blocks of varying shapes and sizes to make the structure stronger. #LessonsFromLegos

The #RedFeatherReminder for the day? (not that anybody asked, but hey – why not?!) When things get complicated and seem too big to handle, take a deep breath and start building one block at a time. Everything will work out.

Over and Out,


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