Road Trip!

As a Brit, a lengthy car journey (at least to me) is probably that consisting of a drive over four hours or so. Bearing in mind we can drive the entire length of our country (from the very southern tip to the most northern point – at least according to a road planner) in around sixteen hours (ish). So it’s safe to say when I first went to the US and people were telling me of their twenty to forty hour road trips, it was baffling to me. First how could you even want to drive that long? and second, why would you even try? (most of the UK is serviced by train so we have no need). The all-American road trip is something depicted in countless movies and somehow always seem to show people who look far too young driving a convertible down a sunny road having a whale of the time (see following picture for classic Crossroads example)…


I’m sorry America but I’m one of the many suckered into believing this is what road trips genuinely look like. For realz tho, the idea of a road trip sounds super glamorous to those of us stuck in a perpetually grey environment. So imagine my excitement last year when I finally got the chance to experience just a glimpse of a true road trip for myself. Admittedly it wasn’t the perfect circumstances as alas, no super cool convertible but a moving truck which was surprisingly roomy up front – more room for snacks! For three days we drove from Florida via Nashville up to New York state and I was loving it. I felt I really flourished in my role as official DJ (I should have made myself a badge or something) and spending time with your bestie is pretty dang awesome too!

This summer however, when talking about my return to the summer camp I work at – I believe I jokingly brought up the idea of driving up with one of my stateside friends and somehow a whole new adventure has evolved and has now grown to what is looking to be the most incredible week (and a bit!)


This summer I fly into the states for a mini adventure before my summer at camp begins. While I say ‘mini adventure’ it is probably one of the biggest (and just one of the darn coolest) things I’m going to do. It’s a good thing I have an expert road-tripper taking me along for the ride! I have been talking about this as-yet-untitled adventure for months and I’m pretty sure I could camp in thunderstorms for a week and still be having the time of my life! It takes very little to impress me. So I am open and ready for this trip to take me on a rollercoaster from south and up the coast, tick a few more states off my list and hang out with one of the coolest humans I know. You guyyyyys…. I feel like I’m Britney. I have confetti at the ready.

#AdventureIsOutThere #LessThanFourWeeksToGo


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