Don’t Forget The Sharpie.

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This is not a rant about sharpie markers (who would ever do such a thing?!). This is a rant, however, about how under-appreciated these wonderful markers are. I am currently in the midst of packing up everything I own, as one does when moving, and sharpies have been one of the most important tools for staying organized. I would be completely lost without them. And even before the moving started, I was a big believer in sharpies. They are perfect for adding bold statements and bright colors to mail when sending sunshine to friends. Or labeling boxes in closets and garages that might otherwise be full of mystery items. The options seem endless.

Sharpies are one of my all time favorites. I own way too many, if that can be a possibility. Although mostly I refuse to believe anyone can have too many sharpies. Because – lets be real – they are incredibly useful and it would be disaster to not have one in a moment of need! All different sizes; all different colors. They understand the importance of diversity. Plus, these guys have zero commitment issues; not afraid to be loud and proud about what they stand for. No matter where they are. Once they show up there is no turning back. You aren’t just going to erase them; they refuse to be ignored. And with so many available options you can say what you need in any color you need to say it with. Leaving you with no excuse to stay quiet about the important things. Or color-coordinate the labels in your closet. Either way.

Yet, with all of these wonderful traits to offer, still people are constantly losing them or throwing them away before their time. Walking right by them in the office supply aisle. Not even giving them a second look; probably because we have learned to trust that they will always be there. And I understand – that aisle has so many incredible products to notice. But, try not to forget to bring home a sharpie or two. You never know when you might need an extra.

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