Never Grow Up

I think it is well documented that I am a big kid in only a slightly bigger body. At least a quarter of my year is spent at summer camp and I own more than one rubber duck. I’ve never found the alcoholic side of socialising that fun, which tends to be a bit of a pain in one’s backside when most out-of-work (and sometimes in-work!) activities for my age group tend to be centred around drinking. Post-work drinks are well, just that – drinks. I feel like the most boring human in the world when I constantly decline invites to social gatherings because I know while it may be fun for a while, inevitably people will get drunk and either you’ll be dealing with drama or what appears to be the funniest thing in the world (Spoiler alert: It never is).

So I find myself constantly fighting to stay a kid, even if I just have to be a big one. Yes, I pay rent and bills and go to work to earn money to pay these things (and hopefully have enough on the side to live a little) – but my idea of a fun evening out will still be something silly like ice skating or bowling or going to an arcade (can I live at Namco please?). I don’t want to grow up – I watch kids who can learn something fairly trivial and still have a look of utmost wonderment on their faces and that, my friends, is something that will never get old. I miss that. Finding the magic in the ordinary everyday becomes more of a challenge than a given as you get older and we strive for new adventures to bring us back that childlike joy inside of us just waiting to spill over.

Luckily for me, I’ve spent the best part of the last year in a pretty darn awesome job. It’s not perfect – nothing tends to be in reality – but it still manages to surprise me daily. Imagine my excitement when this happens…

Yes, I was the person who (with much grace and poise I will add) dove straight in at around the 23 second mark. Yes, this was the best day ever. No, I was not particularly productive. No, I did not particularly care. Yes, my office is totes awesome. Yes, for those of you at the back – I spent my day in a freakin’ 120,000 ball ball-pit.

No, I will not grow up.

Massive shout out to Ball Mania MCR for making this happen!


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