Rough Waters

If you spend much time swimming – or even just around water – it is almost a guarantee that you will encounter some rough waters. Rip tides, crashing waves, windy conditions. All of these can be scary, but I would still argue that swimming is worth it – the magic outweighs the fear. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be some rough days; some difficult moments. Sometimes those rough moments lead to even more surprise adventures along the way (kind of like the epic impulsive side trip that gets thrown in to the road trip plan). The secret in these moments is to maintain perspective – if you know what way is up you can swim to the top, catch your breath, and start again. The worry monsters tend to shrink with every breath of fresh air, or at least that seems to be the trick for my gremlins.

“An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered.” -G.K. Chesterton

While I’m still barreling towards a summer full of new adventures #FullSteamAhead, there were some slightly rough waters earlier this week. Thankfully, I am #CrazyLucky to have incredible friends who remind me – both directly and indirectly – to shift my perspective when I start drowning. (I was going to create a metaphor here about how they are the life jackets – but that seems like a slight understatement. While they do have the ability to magically help me float to the top when I can’t find the way, they are much more than inanimate objects. So I’ll just leave it alone for now.) Instructing me to swim to the top for air; perhaps even finding the shore until conditions improve – but at the same time reminding me not to get out of the water completely, to go back in as soon as possible. Because that’s where the adventure is; that’s where the magic is. #JustKeepSwimming

One quick side note before signing out – Who knew there were so many possibilities for adventure?! I tend to find just walking to the mailbox an adventure, although I realize most might find this slightly over the top. But there are so many exciting possibilities for what awaits: postcards, letters from friends, STICKERS!, candy, adorable books; the list of options is almost endless. It’s one of my most favorite daily adventures – regardless of the conditions. #AdventureIsOutThere

Over And Out,


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