Back to basics.

Apologies for the brief entry; currently in the midst of stepping into a new adventure. Or maybe jumping; perhaps some falling involved as well. But doesn’t it always happen that way? I’m slowly learning how to celebrate all of those things. Because I’m fairly certain they are all necessary parts of the journey into new arenas. Especially ones requiring a large amount of courage and stretching your brave as big as it will go.

But, for now, all my brain is excited about is sleep and food. #BackToBasics This seems to be my instinctive response to all drastic situations. Concentrated on finding the nearest bed and the best cookies.  (Homemade cookies make everything better. And they are perfect for celebrating or stress-eating, or both. And most importantly you can make them into anything you want! A reminder that your story can be whatever you create; one ingredient at a time until the recipe hits the sweet spot.)

Over and Out,



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