The In-Between Adventure

So yesterday was my last day at work. It’s probably been the best first design job I could have ever hoped for and I appreciate just how lucky I’ve been to have had this opportunity for the last 9 months. Now comes the dislocated in-between before moving onto new adventures for the summer. I simultaneously love and hate this time. On one hand I like the time to collect myself, organise and pack before jumping away into new experiences. The anticipation building for long-awaited plans. The flip-side tends to be the feeling of disconnection, set adrift from the security of the routine of a ‘normal’ job but not yet fully caught up in the excitement and thrill of my next escapade. Stressed because I somehow still haven’t finished packing and excited to be travelling back to my home away from home. It’s a whole Neville-Longbottom-melting-cauldron of the feels and it’s hard to tether myself to one particular emotion at any given time. So with a nervous energy I try to ground myself enough to stay in the present and focus on what I need to sort out in the next two weeks – get excited and not overwhelmed. Upcoming adventures have been in the pipeline for what feels like forever and yet still don’t feel quite real – not yet completely tangible but just waiting in the future while I get my proverbial s**t together.

#AdventureAwaits #ConfettiAtTheReady


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