Dog Hair.

I will be the first to admit my love for dogs is a little over-the-top. I could not live without my dogs and I love all three of them to pieces. I even love other people’s dogs to the moon and back. And chances are, if I meet you and you have a dog, I will say hello to your dog first. And yes, before you ask, all of my dogs are allowed in the bed. And mostly anywhere they feel like going. As long as they are not being destructive. And yes, I drive a minivan mostly to ensure each of my dogs has enough room to feel comfortable on road trips. But there is one thing I do not love. In fact, I do not even like this thing. And this thing seems to be everywhere when you own dogs, aside from the Poodles: dog hair. I realize I could adjust some things that might minimize the following rant, but I have a sneaky suspicion it wouldn’t matter. Dog hair’s best talent: traveling to places it was not meant to be.

I find dog hair in places I didn’t know could be cleaned. In the closets, forever on the floor, in the bathroom, underneath rugs, in my shoes, in the washing machine. There probably isn’t a place in my house that hasn’t had dog hair on it at one point or another. And while I love my dogs, this drives me mad. I’m fairly certain I could sweep twice a day and still some tumbleweeds of undercoat would escape the broom. (Yes – I’ve tried this approach. Instead of a clean house, the result seems to be an owner with more frustration and less time for adventuring.) I brush my dogs weekly and keep them well groomed, but the amount of hair is never-ending regardless. Especially after they’ve been swimming, or after they’ve gotten excited, or when summer is approaching (maybe just all the time). If you pet my Golden Retriever it looks like a cloud of golden confetti around him from all the tiny golden hairs floating through the air. And my Australian Shepherd seems to drop tumbleweeds of undercoat with every step that magically float through the air from place to place while my Border Collie has hair that falls straight to the ground and from the way it sticks to anything and everything one can only assume it has a super glue coating. I could go on and on, but I’ll step away from this soap box rant now; I should probably get back to cleaning anyhow. The dog hair from my small yet diverse gang of canines can make for quite a mess, however I suppose my tendency to over-clean balances things out. And while it is a small price to pay for spending life with such wonderful souls, I think the constant collection of dog hair in my house will always drive me mad.

Over and Out,

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