Avoiding stuff in general is a skill I seemed to have perfected to a fine art. Concentrating on the right thing at the right time has always been a problem (that I have, of course, avoided). I am a champion procrastinator who’s train of thought can be derailed quicker than the time it takes for you to read the word ‘derailed’. So once again I come up against a hurdle that, had I paid due care and attention to, would not need to be stressing out about. I would have all my work done and ready to submit. Instead with only a few days I am still avoiding the coursework that will get me a damn degree (a feat which at this point I’m not sure I’ll ever achieve). With pressure mounting I try to break it down into little confetti size pieces which I can conquer quickly and efficiently and yet I still cannot bring myself to do it. Why do I self sabotage? Just do it already! But another day has ticked on by and I find myself hoping tomorrow is the day I’ll pick myself up and get my arse in gear. Hopefully. Maybe. 


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