Packing. Something that I should probably be doing now instead of writing this post. I do love the planning before packing but trying to whittle your clothes and other belongings into a 90L holdall can be a daunting task. Inevitably fast forward a few months to travelling home and I’ll wonder in horror why I own so many clothes. So I start with everything. Everything I think I could ever want and somehow this will all end up as messy piles scattered around me. Next, the dawning realisation that I can most definitely not fit that amount into my bag. Enter mild panic zone where I wonder whether I’ll even be able to fit anything into my bag.  (Why does it look so small?!)

(Brief musical interlude set to the visual of myself throwing bits of clothing in every direction in an attempt to ditch unnecessary items)

Back again, second round, I actually try packing this time and almost make it (except I don’t). Frustration at myself sets in as I contemplate going a summer wearing just a single set of clothes to fix this problematic packing conundrum. The list making begins: what is absolutely necessary? What are the bare essentials? The list goes on until I eventually try packing (usually) one last time. If this doesn’t work I will just give up and take a onesie and a toothbrush (or so I tell myself). Fortunately this time tends to be the charm and I switch between debating whether I’m missing something and wondering why I was so stressed out in the first place! 

Soon (tomorrow), I will be packed and adventures can begin. Hopefully I’ve gotten a bit better at this whole packing malarkey. 


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