Time for adventure.

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It’s hard for me to believe – after months of waiting and planning, the adventure begins tomorrow. Ready or not. [Time waits for no one] The only thing I love more than planning an adventure is having an adventure. So while I have thoroughly enjoyed planning the upcoming summer, I am also excited for the relief of anticipation that will settle in once we are on the way. #ConfettiRequired

While I’m an introvert and a homebody, my love of adventure pushes me out of my comfort zone. Planning an adventure is my favorite hobby; although perhaps I just like being excited about anything. [Excitement is the most fun, at least in my opinion.] And how can you not be excited when you start to see the magic come together as the pieces fall into place? I also love office supplies; so any excuse to utilize sticky notes and binders will make my heart smile. And when my favorite people are involved in the plans, the excitement only compounds. [Although I also enjoy solo-adventures at times; a special kind of magic in the freedom of just you and the world.] My favorite part of planning? Finding the balance of planning and not planning – I think some of the best moments happen in the unplanned side trips. So while having a plan is great – I always try to leave room for surprise confetti. Because you never know what you might uncover along the way; and isn’t that what adventure is all about?

My upcoming summer has an adventure on the way to another adventure – both with the greatest people I know. My brain and heart can hardly hold enough space for all the feelings and the excitement for what is to come in the next few months. Crazy, crazy lucky to have such a life full of great friends and great adventures. Find your tribe and love them hard. #LoveWins

#RedFeatherReminders: Hugs are very important. Make the most of each moment, which might require living bigger and braver but could also require a pause and a deep breath to soak in the magic around you. Always Carry Confetti and Courage.

Apologies if this post seems a little bit scattered – all my lists are starting to run together as things seem to do on the way to adventure. Time to put some last minute touches on road trip plans, double check that bags are all packed and hit the road!

Adventure is out there – and almost here!

Over And Out,


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