The Mountains Are Calling.

I’m not sure when my love affair with mountains really began. Perhaps it was childhood; taking yearly vacations up to the Great Smoky Mountains. Or perhaps the time I soaked in the sunset along the Blue Ridge Mountains, high atop Skyline Drive alongside one of my favorite humans. Or maybe even just a few weeks ago when I found myself wandering through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, stumbling upon views that took my breath away and left me speechless. Although I can’t pinpoint the moment my heart fell in love, I do know that my love of mountains will be a life long story.


“When we are willing to risk venturing into the wilderness, and even becoming our own wilderness, we feel the deepest connection to our true self and to what matters the most.” –Brené Brown

Winding my way through the trees seems to lead me back home. If I’m lost or unsure of what the next right step is in life, the answer can almost always be heard in the tranquility among the trees. Nature has a knack for silencing the rest of the world, creating the space for a heart to be heard. And climbing up the mountains; one foot in front of the other, gaining altitude with every step – that’s the reminder of strength. The reminder that we all have the strength to follow our heart. The climb may be difficult, but the view at the top will always be my favorite part. And you don’t get that kind of perspective without the altitude. There are things to be seen from the top of the mountain that will forever be hidden in the valley. [Not unlike the things to be seen from falling out of a plane; but skydiving has broken my heart wide open in different ways; another love altogether to gush about some other time.] The only way to know what you will really find is to start climbing. And the even cooler part? If you need to rest along the way, there’s magic in that space too. Reminding you to stop and breathe; you belong right where you are. No hurry. The view at the top will always be there. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other – climbing up the mountain, finding your way back home.


And for today, those Colorado Rockies seem to be calling me back; begging me to say yes to adventure. To say yes to following my heart; to say yes to braving the wilderness. And so the next chapter begins; writing my story one step at a time.

“Strong Back. Soft Front. Wild Heart.” –Brené Brown

Over and Out,



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