Seemingly not a subject to ‘fight’ about. For me it’s personal. I spend the summer in one of the most creative places I know, however the emphasis is not on my own creativity – it’s about fostering it in other people. This does not mean I am any less creative as I am inspired by the people around me, new ideas being born from a potentially crazy mix of energy surrounding us. I spend my summer drawing and doodling whenever I get the chance, creating lists of new projects I want to undertake whenever I can however outside of this huge energy drive that is my summer actually turning those concepts into reality is easier said than done as the pressures of the ‘real world’ come into play. My personal fight begins at home, summoning up the will to be creative and make something new. What if I don’t like what I produce? What if others don’t like it? Should I jump into a full time job instead? Is it worthwhile? These among other questions tumble through my head and it can easily be disheartening. So I take small steps, a silly small graphic here, a doodle there – production for the sake of production, no matter how relevant. Practising what I hope is my purpose. Every so often something jumps out as an ‘I did it’ moment. Commissioned by a friend for an illustrated quote, I procrastinated for quite some time – this meant something, for someone and extremely worried I would f*** it up it was easier to simply put it off. One day after battling a headache that was not agreeing with my computer screen I finally decided that it was time – just do it. And so, one of these moments came about, where I looked at what I had drawn (my first hand-made drawing in over a month) and was happy. I felt accomplished. It may not be winning a Turner Prize any time soon but having a piece of work I felt excited to share felt like standing on a podium showing off a gold medal. So as if making an acceptance speech, thanks to my friends and thanks to myself for getting off your butt and making it happen for once.

This time I can happily say the featured image can be found HERE (my own site)!


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