Fruit Salad.

(A quick, lighthearted rant for a Monday somewhere in the middle of October.)

Why do people insist on mixing fruit together for what seems to be the biggest go-to summer picnic dish? I’m not sure I’ll ever understand why someone thought to place a variety of perfectly good fruit in the same bowl, all cut up and mixed together.If you include bananas, all the fruit tastes like bananas. If you add strawberries, everything tastes like strawberries. And you might as well forget about tasting the apples – they’re the wallflowers of the party. The ones who automatically blend in with everybody else; at times even turning red to match the strawberries. Sometimes I even find tiny marshmallows mixed in – as if the fruit didn’t have enough sugar all by itself. As if to suggest these fruits wouldn’t bring enough to the table standing alone. As if their individuality isn’t enough – like they need to all blend together in order to be worth a spot on the buffet.

While it’s true in many cases we are “stronger together”, we are only stronger if individuality is maintained in the togetherness. The variety of strengths working side by side is what builds the strength – not trying to blend them all into one group so they all look the same. That’s when you lose the value. And with fruit salad they always try to blend together. Maybe a whole berry salad would work – berries seem to be good at maintaining their boundaries and holding their own space in the midst of a crowd. But starting cutting things up, mixing up the insides, and then it’s hard to figure out who is who and what taste started where. I’m not suggesting we leave fruit off the table – just that each fruit is given it’s own space. And, as an added bonus, if someone wants to create their own fruit salad for their meal THEY GET TO DO THAT! Everybody gets to choose what is right for them! As for me, I’ll take the divided plate and appreciate my fruit individually. Boundaries included. #PersonalSpaceMatters
Over and Out,


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