I came into this world fighting. After being deemed an ovarian cyst (who somehow turned into a baby) and a very screwed up due date, I came into this world very late, very sick, and fighting to stay in it. They say how you come into the world is how you’ll leave it, and I positive this’ll be even more true for me than others. I’ve spent my life fighting – to survive originally, but then for so much more. I’ve fought for life – mine and others’, equality, sanity, funding for non-STEM departments, the ability for my friends to walk in public holding hands regardless of their genders, the ability for my kids (at work… I don’t have any biological ones) to feel safe in their skin and their world as themselves, the environment, joy, love, the list goes on and on…

Recently, I’ve also surrounded myself with fighters – advocates for their (biological) children with ASD, advocates for racial equality/LGBTQ+ equality/class equality/etc/etc. People fighting for what they deem is important in this life. And I admire the hell out of them as I join their chorus, hopping in and helping when and where I can.

But there’s one thing I’m noticing a lot of us fighters forgetting to fight for. Ourselves. Yes, when we are women fighting for equality between genders, we are fighting for ourselves. Yes, when we are LGBTQ+ individuals fighting for safety to walk in public holding our partners’ hands without fear of getting fired or killed, we are fighting for ourselves. But many of us are forgetting to fight for our souls and beings on a much more mundane level. We let people we love tell us how we should live our lives – regardless of whether we agree; we work until we drop; we eat whatever is easy or quick (which is seldom the healthy option) – we are so tired from fighting the “BIG BATTLES” and working and surviving that we forget to show up for ourselves. We forget that at the end of the day, we can only truly take care of ourselves, do our best, and hope that that creates the change we want to see in the world. At the end of the day, we can only live life the way we think it’s meant to be lived and hope it works out ok. [Hint: it will always work out ok… even if that ok is insanely far from the ok you thought it would be.]

So there’s my Thursday challenge for all you lovely people: show up for yourself. Fight for your being, your soul, your autonomy. And remember, it’s just life and it’s going to work out ok (even when it doesn’t look like it will in this moment).

All my love,


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