I have too much.

I appreciate this is a very petty thing to rant about considering the amount of people in this world with so little of anything so I’ll keep it quick.

My family seems to have the stuff-acquiring skill in the bag, our house definitely sometimes feels like stuff is taking over. Personally I tend to be constantly at battle with myself – I like organisation, tidiness and having less stuff helps greatly with this cause. On the other shoulder is the part of myself wanting to keep every ticket, every flyer, every inside of every Kinder Egg, surround myself with fond memories and images. Just when I think I survive a summer living out of a 90L duffle bag and not much else, I get home and rediscover all the boxes – from the practical, kitchenware, bedding etc to the decorative and even worse: the miscellaneous boxes. So I guess my rant is rooted in keeping order in surroundings that are both comforting and jarring for me. How do I choose the stuff to stay or go?

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