Sometimes it’s just not there.

I have a small ongoing list of artistic projects and ideas that I wish to bring to life. Even with this list I can often find myself in an uninspired mood, where I fear that bringing such ideas to fruition will be far less creative than I had envisioned when scrawling the idea onto the corner of a notepad. So this list remains, either in an often forgotten note on my phone or written hastily in the corner of that notepad waiting for a dash of creativity and willpower to stir an idea into reality. Today is one of those days.

I long for the days where I create merely for creation’s sake (see below for stickers made for the sake of making), and random illustrations become yet another saved Adobe Illustrator file waiting to find a purpose. Where every new project feels like a challenge I can grip my fingers into rather than a wall too tall to consider. So today is not one of those days, but hopefully tomorrow will bring a renewed energy and eagerness for the challenge.



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